Pore-refining makeup base         10g

Look flawlessly poreless with one swipe of this makeup base.

SECRET SMOOTHER provides instant pore coverage

and gives you a smooth lasting finish.

 - Skincare meets makeup with SECRET SMOOTHER -


Whether you have dry, oily, dark or dull pores, you can help your skin to forget about pores by continuing to use SECRET SMOOTHER:

1. Moisturise the skin ...with Apricot Juice

This ingredient helps to support the skin's ability to retain moisture, which makes open pores caused by dryness to be less visible.

2. Control sebum secretion ...with Rosemary Extract

Prevent pores from becoming too oily by controlling the amount of oil they secrete.

3. Tighten pores ...with Witch Hazel Extract

Astringents tighten open pores, which prevents them from producing too much oil.

4. Anti-oxidise ...with Super Vitamin E

Stop pores from oxidation-caused darkening by controlling reactive oxygen on the skin.

5. Reduce blemish formation ...with Vitamin C Derivative

Brighten your complexion by reducing darkness around pores.

6. Prevent dull skin ...with Horsetail Plant Extract

Create a smooth, apparently poreless complexion by preventing the skin from becoming dull by suppressing the breakup of elastin