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The premium skincare line for women with great experiences



Aim to bring out your skin’s inner strength.

Use the brand new methods adopted by our BASIC SKINCARE products that will stand up to any skin changes and help your skin to look as fresh as it can. This is a premium ageing care line designed to make adult skin happy.

NOURISHING TREAT is for people who:

- feel dryness even if they moisturise

- have an unhealthy pallor

- lack firmness in their skin and have sagging pores

- feel that they need ageing skincare

- would like to have a soft and elegant fragrance

Main points of the 3 new items

Target skin renewal

With apple fruit cultured cell extract

For firm, beautiful and glowing skin

Increase firmness and elasticity in ageing skin

With plantago major seed extract

Get deeply moisturised and finely texture skin instantly

Specially designed for ageing skincare

Using evolutionary moisture lipid emulsification


For moisture that access even the deeper layers of skin and stays in place

Hyaluronic acid is both highly moisturising and highly permeable

Support the skin’s vitality and energy

Enjoy a healthier, fresher look

With Glucosyl hesperidin to improve skin texture and colour

Breathe in the soft and elegant rose bouquet fragrance

Adopt evolutionary moisture lipid emulsification technology with high permeability and high moisturising ability

The only components used in this lotion which have a similar structure to intercellular lipids are hydrogenated lecithin, triple ceramide and phytosterol. All of these are moisturising ingredients which use emulsification technology to emulsify.

It quickly brings moisture into the skin, and by supporting the skin’s weakened barrier function, it also helps to keep the moisture inside the skin. With continued use, the skin can also appear more radiant.

Protect your skin properly against harsh environments

UV rays and other external stimuli causes your skin to lose moisture during the day.

Pollen and air pollutants can also cause inflammation as they attach themselves to your skin.

Use a formula containing seabuckthorn extract and rhodomyrtus tomentosa fruit extract to moisturise your skin and help your skin defend itself.

For skin which looks youthful and well-rested

Use moisturising ingredient proteoglycan for fresh skin that is full of moisture.


 ‘Golden Time’ of the skin

Growth hormones are secreted by the body during sleep. Their role is to prompt the division of cells which develop skin, bone, muscle and other body tissues. They are most actively secreted between 10pm and 2am, however their secretions decline with age.