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On sale from Friday 21st September 2018

Get to know the makeup base and foundation that can give you a fine finish without compromise.

Look ageless by adding vitality to your complexion and covering problem areas in an instant.



Bring out your inner glow

Stop sebum and sweat from interfering

When sebum and sweat mix with regular makeup base and foundation, colour tone can easily become dull.

These formulas contain Anti-dullness Powder to repel sebum and sweat in order to keep your makeup looking freshly applied all day.

Look radiant even if time is passing by.


Get the perfect radiant glow

The Sapphire Powder in the formulas reflect light beautifully from the skin while ensuring that skin texture stays looking natural.

It stays bright regardless if it mixes with water or oil and actually appears to become brighter as time goes on, helping you to look more awake.

Have firm and ageless skin

Target expression wrinkles

The contraction of facial muscles as triggered by the secretions of neurotransmitters causes wrinkles to form in the skin over time. Targeting these secretions helps to prevent future wrinkles from forming and pre-existing wrinkles from deepening.


Focus on dullness

Plantago Major Seed Extract helps to bring the skin’s natural firmness and healthy colour from the inside to the outside.


Improve complexion

An unhealthy pallor can be a result of poor circulation. Glucosyl Hesperidin is great for creating a flattering complexion so you look livelier.

Protect your skin from the harsh environment

 Guard your skin from air pollutants

Exhaust gas and tobacco smoke in combination with UV rays can cause great damage to the skin.

The Sea Buckthorn Extract added to this makeup helps to protect skin against these stimuli.


Target damage made to cell DNA

Rhodomyrtus Tomentosa Fruit Extract helps to reduce and heal damage made to cell DNA by UV rays and active oxygen.


Aim for the effects of visible blue wavelength light

Visible blue wavelength light is able to penetrate to the deeper layers of skin and can cause damage that ages the skin.

Aid ageing skin with triple-moisturising care

Replenish the skin with moisture

Prevent moisture from escaping from the inner layers of skin through the skin’s surface effectively with moisturising makeup that is designed especially for ageing skin.

Our formulas have been developed to have the ability to provide moisture to even the deeper layers of skin and prevent it from being lost.


Stay moisturised for longer

Moist-Keep Extract increases the amount of moisture in the skin as time goes on.

Continue delivering moisture to the inner layers of skin by covering the skin’s surface with a layer of moisture that can permeate each layer of skin.

This enables the makeup you apply in the morning to stay the same all the way into the night.


Prevent moisture from being lost

Influences such as ageing and the environment can cause moisture in the skin to evaporate, which in turn weakens the skin’s barrier function.

Our moisturising formulas contain ingredients which have a similar structure to that of intercellular lipids and help to strengthen the barrier function and prevent moisture from escaping.


SPF24 PA++ 27g


This ageing care makeup base lets your inner light glow through your skin by smoothing over uneven texture and colour caused by wrinkles and dullness.

It adheres excellently to skin and improves overall complexion.

Skin becomes noticeably more radiant with continued use.

FREE FROM: fragrances, ethanol, mineral oils and UV absorbers.

How to Use

After applying lotion and milk lotion, place a pearl-sized amount of the makeup base onto your fingertip and apply a thin, even layer to your face.


SPF24 PA++

35g    5 shades


A high performance aging care foundation with a super-fine finish.

It has a rich texture which spreads smoothly and adheres to skin excellently to provide you with a healthy, moisturised and even complexion which lasts all day.


  • Hides signs of ageing     

  • Highly moisturising         

  • Great adhesion                

  • Brightens complexion

  • Firms skin

FREE FROM: fragrances, ethanol, mineral oils and UV absorbers

How to Use

After applying lotion, milk lotion and makeup base, place a pearl-sized amount onto either your fingertip or a sponge, and apply an even layer to your face. For an even more beautiful finish, follow this step with face powder.