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On sale from Tuesday 6th November 2018

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QUANT by MARY QUANT makeup is designed to sophisticate your look with ease.

Soft to the touch and with an oval-shaped tip, use BROW LINE to achieve beautiful eyebrows with surprising ease.

The LIQUID EYELINER features a flexible brush so you can create both fine and thick lines with complete freedom.

Both products are waterproof and sweatproof, so you can enjoy a beautiful finish that lasts.

Their simple packaging is based on conceptual colours and adorned with a champagne-gold logo.

For an exquisite gaze, use QUANT by MARY QUANT.


Eyebrow Pencil


This extendable, oval-tipped brow pencil is kind to skin, adheres well and is able to create excellent brow definition with ease.

*1 refill included

1. Extendable

There's no need to sharpen this brow pencil as it is extendable and includes a refill.

Its oval-shaped tip makes it easy for you to get your eyebrows to look exactly as you want.

Also, the attached brush helps you to draw every single line while blending in order to create a very natural finish.

2. Texture that lasts

Our BROW LINE contains a gentle emollient oil which helps the product to apply colour smoothly and efficiently. It feels naturally soft to the touch and creates the eyebrows you desire.

3. Waterproof formula for longwear use

BROW LINE uses a highly waterproof formula which equally prevents both sweat and water from breaking it down. This gives your brows a beautifully fine finish which simply lasts and lasts.

4. Natural Brown

BROW LINE is available in a very easy-to-wear shade of Natural Brown to give you a ‘my brows but better’ look.



A dark brown liquid eyeliner which gives you the freedom to draw both thin and thick lines.

1. Brush fineness

The flexible tip (approx. 0.1mm) provides stability to the brush and allows you to draw both thin and thick lines with total freedom.

2. A colour that goes with any makeup look

This rich, versatile shade of dark brown adds a greater emphasis on your eyes with a natural finish.

The colour is soft enough so that even thick lines will not look harsh.

3. Waterproof formula for longwear use

This long-lasting waterproof liquid eyeliner is resistant to sweat and water and is able to stay looking

freshly applied for as long as you want.

4. Skincare meets makeup ...with Camomile Flower Extract

This eyeliner provides gentle moisture to the delicate eye area to ensure it is well cared-for.