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What you want is skin and makeup to complete your own personal style.
Skincare is a means for you to express yourself and support you through your everyday changes, challenges, and adventures.


This skincare range boosts your skin's innate power with its unique texture that is smoothly and quickly absorbed.


Recommended for:

- All women, particularly those in their 30s
- Ageing skin
- Ageing-induced dry skin


Generally recommended for those concerned with the first signs of ageing (PRESCRIBED SKIN CARE users).

Moisture Rapidly permeates for plum, firm skin.
- Moisture Lipid Formula and Moisture Lipid Emulsion -
Boost firmness and elasticity for skin affected by the signs of ageing:
1. Raise dermis function
2. Repair damage to basal membrane and strengthen dermis layer
Boost moisture retention ability weakened by age:
1. Support the creation of normal cells
2. Improve barrier function
Charge skin with energy:
1. Activate pyruvate kinase
2. Support carnitine action
3. Maintain mineral balance
Promote blood circulation Mildly Acidic Allergy tested*

*We cannot guarantee these products are completely free of allergens.



A formula that is rapidly absorbed by the skin. Contains a moisturising ingredient (Hydrogenated Lecithin) that has a structure similar to intercellular lipid.



An emulsification technique which uses a moisturising ingredient (Hydrogenated Lecithin) to create a structure similar to intercellular lipid.


Focus on the structures which lock in skin moisture
Intercellular lipid surrounds horny skin cells and forms a layered structure known as a “lamellar structure”. This structure contains regimented layers of moisture and sebum. This special structure locks moisture into the skin.

How it Acts on Your skin

Boost moisture retention ability weakened by age

Support the creation of normal cells: willow bark extract

During skin cell division, the information inside cells is copied. However, ageing and ultraviolet rays can make this copying process go wrong, leading to the creation of abnormal cells.

This results in cell turnover not being able to properly occur. Willow Bark Extract regulates the turnover rate – which is easily slowed by dryness, skin roughness, and ageing – and leads to skin able to retain more moisture.

Improve barrier function: willow bark extract

Willow Bark Extract also strengthens the formation of the cornified envelope. This repairs the barrier function and improves the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Boost firmness and elasticity for skin affected by the signs of ageing

Raise dermis function

1. Promote collagen production … Liquorice Leaf Extract

Ultraviolet rays and ageing pile up to cause a lack of collagen. Liquorice Leaf Extract promotes collagen production, increasing skin firmness.


2. Reduce elastin degeneration … Rosehip Extract
Rosehip Extract inhibits elastinase activity – which reduces elasticity – thereby reducing elastin degeneration.


3. Promote hylaluronic acid production … Yuzu Extract
Hyaluronic acid is one of the main components of the skin’s extracellular matrix and is excellent at retaining moisture. Yuzu Extract promotes hyaluronic acid production to keep skin moisturised.


4. Promote fibroblast growth … Gentiana Root Extract
Fibroblasts create collagen, elastin, and the extracellular matrix. Gentiana Root Extract promotes fibroblast growth, leading to firm, elastic skin.

repair damage to basal membrane and strengthen dermis layer ... iris root extract

Iris Root Extract normalises the connection between the epidermis and dermis layers by repairing the basal membrane.


Also, it reduces collagenase and elastinase, which are known to reduce firmness and elasticity in the dermis.


These functions repair the skin functions that are damaged by various sources, leading to healthy skin.


Promote blood circulation

Japanese Angelica Root Extract
As well as carrying nutrients to every inch of skin, blood also carries away waste materials. This keeps skin healthy.
Japanese Angelica Root Extract promotes good blood circulation, leading to translucent, lively-looking skin.

Charge skin with energy

Skin Cells & Energy

When skin cells regenerate normally, materials such as collagen and ceramide are produced. Energy is needed for these cells to work properly. We also live in an environment which easily damages our cells. Extra energy is needed to repair this damage.

Skin Energy

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a substance created in the mitochondria within cells. A lack of ATP causes the cells’ metabolic rate to slow down. This leads to skin damage accumulating and ageing.

Activate pyruvate kinase: soybean extract

Soybean Extract increases the activity of pyruvate kinase, the enzyme that breaks down glucose and carbohydrates. This activity is essential for creating energy within cells.

prevent oxidation and support carnitine action: ergothioneine

Ergothioneine is a strong antioxidant that protects cells and mitochondria from oxidation. Also, it acts similarly to carnitine, which often reduces with age. It promotes the absorption of lipids by the mitochondria.

Maintain mineral balance: japanes seaweed extract

Japanese Seaweed Extract contains a balanced abundance of the minerals essential for biological activity. This helps maintain a suitable mineral balance for the creation of cellular energy.

How it changes your skin moisture level, firmness (elasticity), wrinkles & texture after continued use of all three products

MOISTURE TREAT LOTION, MOISTURE TREAT MILK LOTION, and MOISTURE TREAT CREAM were used for four continuous weeks. The skin's condition was observed before the test and after the four weeks, and the changes were compared.

Moisture Treat Products