NEW and improved MISTY JET
Contains argan oil for long lasting effect
Look your best all day long!


<Mist-type lotion>

50ml £20.50

You can use it in the morning before you apply makeup, in the afternoon
when you sense dryness, and even in the evening as pre-bedtime skincare.
Moisture without stickiness has become possible with the face mist that
you'll want to keep to hand all day long.


With its ability to refresh your skin with ease at any time and improve afternoon
skin issues, MISTY JET has gained in popularity since its last renewal in 2011.
Now in June 2018, we have improved our ever-popular MISTY JET formula
once again!
We improved our formula by adding nanosized argan oil to boost its
moisturising power!
It not only suppresses inflammation caused by air pollutants – we also improved
its ability to protect against those pollutants from sticking to your skin.
What's more, we improved the makeup setting and permeability effect
so that MISTY JET can make your skincare routine work more for you AND
keep your makeup looking fresh all day!


Enjoy beautiful skin all day long with the boosted moisturising effect
and rosemary fragrance!