Have fun with LIP MIX!

The BASIC range features a variety of fantastic base colours, the MIX range is full of playful colours, and to complement these we also have the SEASONAL range which features limited edition colours.

Combine these three ranges to create your own unique colours and looks!

Fill your COLOUR PALETTE with all of your favourites…

MIX range

COLOUR (X-01~08)

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and black – these eight vivid shades shatter the stereotypes of what lip colours should be. Create a lip colour all of your own by mixing and layering these shades.

LIP MIX is great for updating your makeup in more ways than one.

You can use it to alter the colour of an old favourite to suit changes in your mood, style and skin tone.

COLOUR (X-01~08) is designed like an artist’s colour palette, perfect for you to mix different colours, shades and textures to get just the right lip makeup you’ve been looking for.

Check out how O-03 can look when combined with the MIX - Colour variety (X-01~08):

TWINKLE (T-01-08)

Eight colours to add a splash of sparkle to your lips. These contain glitter particles specially selected for their clear and sparkly shine to create a dazzlingly twinkly effect.

Upgrade your lip makeup for a date after work by applying a beautiful lamé layer of LIP MIX.

Change your lamé colour to match your outfit or use it to update your makeup to look right for different events in your day. Fill your COLOUR PALETTE with all of the TWINKLE colours!


METALLIC (M-01~08)

Eight colours to add a pearly sheen to your lips. Each colour is rich in pearly pigment, allowing you to create the perfect pearlescent glow through mixing and layering with other colours.

Use the METALLIC colours to give traditional favourites a new twist.

For example, add the mellow M-03 to a classic red to get a softer colour with an elegant finish.

Mix the M-06 with a dark brown shade to create a brighter, pearlescent beige-toned mauve.

Alternatively, apply a metallic colour to just the centre of your lips and blend outwards for a gentle pout-contouring highlight.

Get the exact shade you want by changing colour gradients:

CLEAR (C-01~08)

Eight colourful, translucent shades that feel like jelly. These subtle colours give the lips a wet-look shine with an enamel effect. You can also layer these over other colours to enhance their base clarity.

Use CLEAR type LIP MIX on top of a base colour to boost the colour undertones of the CLEAR shades.

Apply a generous amount for a bouncier, more 3-dimensional pout.


BASIC range

We have created a wide range of lip colours by selecting five key colour hues and adjusting their tones in vividness and brightness. Select your ideal BASIC shade from this varied collection and combine it with other colours of your choice.

Explore the 5 LIP MIX textures to get the look you want:

The opaque and bold MATTE texture is great for making a statement. 

The discreet lustre given by the SEMI-MATTE texture makes it wearable for the everyday.

NATURAL GLOW has a smooth and comfortable texture with vivid, creamy colours.

Choose SHEER for a fun combination of delicate colour with a fine shine.

Apply the jelly-textured GLOSS for a brilliant enamel finish.