Mary Quant's new basic skincare range.
A treat to make your skin happy.

Developed from many years of experience and utilising the latest technology, 
you can freely select the products from this line-up
to suit your skin issues, life style, and texture preferences.


98% natural.
A skincare range which provides all the daily essentials for your skin.
Suitable even for sensitive skin and temperamental skin affected by the seasons and physical changes.
The goal of these specially selected naturally derived ingredients is to create smooth, moist and healthy skin, like a brand new canvas.

Recommended for:

All women, particularly those in their 20s

Temperamental skin affected by the seasons and physical changes

Environmentally-induced dry skin

Sensitive skin

What you want is skin and makeup to complete your own personal style.
Skincare is a means for you to express yourself and support you through your everyday changes, challenges, and adventures.
This skincare range boosts your skin's innate power with its unique texture that is smoothly and quickly absorbed.


Recommended for:

All women, particularly those in their 30s

Ageing skin

Ageing-induced dry skin


Natural Treat Lotion


150ml £36.50

Natural Treat Milk Lotion

Milky Lotion

80ml £40.50

Natural Treat Cream


30g £45.00

Moisture Treat Lotion


150ml £61.00

Moisture Treat Milk

Milky Lotion

75ml £61.00

Moisture Treat Cream


30g £97.50


Cleansing Massage Cream

Cream-type Cleanser

100g £36.50

Deep Cleansing Gel Oil

Gel-type Oil Cleanser

100g £31.00


Gentle Wash

Liquid-type Face Wash

145ml £31.00

Revitalise Wash

Foam-type Face Wash

100g £36.50